I’m sooooooo….. sorry to all of my viewers for not posting in over a year! But, I’m back with such good shows to review for y’all. I slowed down on the Disney and started watching some of the premium channels like: HBO, Showtime, and AMC. Don’t freak out, I haven’t said goodbye to Disney Channel yet. I’m just expanding my horizion. Some of the shows I’ve started to watch have been: Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, Ray Donovan, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Mad Men. My favorites are probably Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, and Ray Donovan. Ray Donovan is just finishing off the first season. And they have had such an amazing story line. Breaking Bad is sadly ending it’s series soon. But, it has had a great run. If you haven’t watched it I seriously recommend it as a great show. If you do start to watch it, please start from season one. I think that the best season was season four,  and my favorite character is by far Jesse. Boardwalk Empire is starting their fourth season, and I think that they have really stayed a good show. They have never disapointed me. It is set in the prohibition era of the 1920s and follows the story of notorious bootleggers. Such as: Lucky Luchiano, Meyer Lansky, Arnold Rothstein, Al Capone, and Johnny Torrio. The main character is Enoch ‘Nucky’ Thompson. It is my favorite show out of the premium channels and comes very highly recommended. I’ve also started watching the Walking Dead. I know this show is very popular, and I love the story line. But, there were a few flaws. I don’t think that the Governer should’ve been in more than one season. I liked the character, but I thought one season with him I was getting a bit tired of the character. I will continue watching all the shows you’ll love. Comment a show down below and I might review it. Keep calm and watch on! 🙂 See you next week for some more reviews, Dnkidztv. 


The Voice…WHY JESSIE?!

Ok so I know that everyone now has to have found out that Christina Aguilera sent home Jesse Campbell which I think is a big mistake. I love Christina but I don’t think that this was the right move. I mean isn’t the whole reason of the show to find The Best Voice? I thought that Christina did this act for attention to the show, because personally I think that Jessie was one of the top people who could win the show. Like I said at first I love Christina, I love her music and her personality….but I just think that this was a bad move for her team. That’s it for this week. Join me next time for the news on the latest television and movies in entertainment. This is Dnkidztv, bye.

Shake It Up- Surpises Everyone!!!

Okay, okay now I know everyone loved this new episode of Shake It Up(I mean after all Tyra Banks was starring in it, so, what was there to hate). I also loved that Cece and Rocky put together the Bollywood “first date” idea for their re-engagement. Even though it wasn’t their engagement, cause Cece’s father was going to propose to Cathy his girlfriend in Florida. But now back to the Bollywood idea, I think that it was a truly great idea by Tyra. I mean after all it does teach the viewers of the show about a different culture, and I loved that. Overall, I think that this episode of Shake It Up was amazingly amazing. Thanks for reading and come back next to see what’s happening on Dnkidztv.Cece and Rocky from Shake It Up

SUPRISE!!!!!!! SUPRISE!!!!!!!–Glee!

Okay now I’m still gasping at what happened on Glee with Dave and Quinn. Now the performances were amazing. And it was breath-taking what Dave did when he attempted suicide. I mean I was scared to death. Now Regonals was very interesting with all of the amazing styles of music and I truly enjoyed it. When it came to the end of the episode I was so scared that Quinn wouldn’t make it to the wedding on time. And then……I saw what happens when you text and drive. Over all this episode of Glee was scary and definitely surprising. Come back next week on Dnkidztv!

Glee- The Perfect Proposal

Okay everyone this episode of Glee was so magical with the proposal from Mr. Schuester to Ms. (soon to be Mrs. Schuester) Pillsbury, I have to say that “We Found Love” was the perfect song for the occasion. It was definitely a surprise when Finn asked Rachael if she wanted to marry him. I also felt so scared for Finn when wanting to join the army at such a young age. Sam was so determined to get Mercedes back so that he could date her, and by him being so desperate he actually went and joined the secranized swimming team just to get the letter man jacket. Of course, after this, the football team (except the glee kids) slushied him. This episode overall was surprising but also heart warming with the proposal. Be sure to join us next week to see what Dnkidztv has to say about today’s television and film entertainment.

Glee Title Card

The Best Wizards Yet

Now I have to say that I’m going to miss Wizards of Waverly Place on Disney. Everyone who has watched it from 2007-2012 knows what I’m talking about. This last episode was a very special one, because it was he finale of the series!!!!!! I think that Wizards of Waverly Place was one of the best shows ever on Disney, I mean it made over 100 episodes (which is a big checkpoint in my book) , and that proves that the show did really well. I laughed throughout all 4 seasons of Wizards and I think that you all did as well. I just hated to see Alex, Justin, and Max fight in the final episode of the series. All in all I think that the show did really well by giving Alex, the family wizard powers, Justin, getting the power of being the new headmaster of Wiz Tech, and Max, the future owner of the sub station. I really think that this show was an amazing addition to Disney and made us all laugh throughout the entire comedy series. That’s all but  join us next week to see what’s up on Dnkidztv, bye.

Wizards of Waverly Place Cast 🙂

Glee Joins Back Together

Ok now I know I haven’t been writing about the entertainment of today, but I’ve been busy. Now I am here to tell you about the latest episodes of Glee. I have to say I thought that the Troubletones should have won Sectionals based on their performance. I also loved how Santana has changed over the past few episodes, and I am very disappointed that Kurt didn’t win because of Rachael’s behavior. My favorite part of the last episode of Glee was when The New Directions and The Troubletones combined their groups, and sang the big number in the auditorium for “We Are Young”. I really loved how they tuned in their voices to this amazing song. Come back next week to see what Dnkidztv has to say about the entertainment of today!!!