The Crazy Puppet Show

Alex and Harper; Picture By:

Okay I know I’ve been holding off on writing for a while, but that is only because school’s back in. But I’m not here to talk about my life I’m here to talk about yesterday’s Wizards of Waverly Place episode. And it was really funny to see how different Harper and Alex’s puppet shows were. And my favorite part of the episode would have to be when Alex and Harper make up after all of the fighting just like after every episode. And the funniest part of the episode is when Alex turned Justin and Zeke into puppets. I did enjoy watching this episode and it was a good one but not the best episode I’ve seen in this series of seasons. If u agree or disagree with me just write a comment to tell me your thoughts on this episode. Bye hope to see you soon on Dnkidztv, bye.


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