Fashion Report – The Hottest Styles on T.V.

K, everybody now here is what I thought about the hottest new fashions on these T.V. shows.

Good Luck Charlie: Now everybody knows Teddy’s rocking her own styles with her unique teen look. And mom and dad don’t have much time to look so stylish with 4 kids to balance. But PJ and Gabe are just doing their own thing with their clothes, they basically just put on some plaid shirts and go with it. And, Charlie, well, Charlie is just doing baby clothes and diapers for now.

A.N.T. Farm: Chyna has her own glamour look and it’s not to flashy at all, that is definitely what makes her styles awesome. Olive is unique when it comes to fashion, but in a good way. And Fletcher wears only T-shirts and jeans, so I think they may need to change his look a little bit.

Shake It Up: Rocky and CeCe’s looks are always the same and I love them. Ty and Flynn have there looks just like their personality. Duece’s look is still saying “I’m the guy with everything” and that is cool.

Wizards Of Waverly Place: Alex’s look is always a little goth because that her personality but I’m not saying that it’s 100% goth at all. Justin always wears Suits, T-Shirts, and Plaid shirts. And for Max just Jeans and Plaid Shirts. Harper is, well, doing her own types of styling. But the wizards are really rocking the plaid.

Overall every T.V. show is doing great with the hot styles for fashion and really rocking it out on the Disney shows.

Rockin' Clothes; Photo By


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