Wizards-The Fighting Battles of Wrestling

K, peaps I’m sure that you all loved this hard magic wrestling episode and I did too. Especially, when Justin tried to make Zeke win the wrestling match and Alex tried to get Mey Macho to win with their magic abilities. I’d have to say that this was a very funny and hilarious episode. On this episode I

Wizards of Waverly Place Cast, Picture By Google.com

was also cracking up on Alex’s flashbacks from her past, and also when Harper was in the ring with Mey Macho cuz’ she was kicking his butt, BIG time!! And overall the wizards were totally rockin’ this wresting n’ fighting episode, and I loved watching it more than any other Wizards of Waverly Place episode ever before. Come back next week to find out what I think bout’ all the rockin’ episodes on today’s T.V.


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