The Best And Worst Fashions

Cool Fashions; Picture By

Good Luck Charlie – Charlie’s baby clothes are always cute on her. Ivy and Teddy’s are fab and chic. Bob’s is a boring as ever (since he’s an exterminator). Mom’s is always as plain as any other day, but not terrible. P.J. and Emmit’s are just like their personality, weird and some what geeky but they’re just playing the part.

Shake It Up – I love and absolutely loved the jackets that they wear every Sunday night on Shake It Up and never can pick a favorite. Ty’s look needs a lit bit more changing n’ switching up, but Gunther and Tinka’s look just as hilarious as always.

A.N.T. Farm – Okay I loved China’s cowgirl outfit it was a little too pink for me, but I still think that she rocked the house with the song Dynamite.

The Voice – I like Christina’s black outfit but don’t love them and I really think that her outfits are great for fitting her personality. Blake needs a cowboy hat so bad. I love Adam and Cee Lo’s outfits and think that the black and red really fit the show, mostly cuz’ those are the show ‘s 2 main colors.

Suite Life On Deck – Well, I don’t have much to say about the grad uniforms, because the are so classic to graduating. But I did love London’s sparkly and sequined uniform.

Please leave a comment to say what you gotta say, if you disagree or agree with me about the fashions of these shows, and thanx for reading.


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