Lemonade Mouth-A New Twist For Disney

Cast of Lemonade Mouth; Picture By poptower.com

Okay, I just watched the new Disney movie called Lemonade Mouth, and I have to say it was a new style for Disney. It was mostly a new twist cuz’ it didn’t have the same super happy story in this movie. I really liked the film more than the others other musicals that Disney’s made such as the High School Musicals. I’m hoping and crossing my fingers that Disney makes another Lemonade Mouth film, but we can only hope. I personally loved the cast and loved the shows that they played in such as Good Luck Charlie, Zeke and Luther and Wizards of Waverly Place. But overall I’d love to see a 2 and 3 to Lemonade Mouth. And if they do I hope they’ll be as great as the first. Be sure to get online next week to see what I have to say about some of the coolest episodes and movies in entertainment history.


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